Kargil War Memorial, Dras

Ishan Sharma, Travel Writer, India

15 NOVEMBER 2017

It was in heavy downpour coupled with  breathtaking views and soul enriching adventure that the journey from Sonmarg to Dras was completed.

And as we reached this Kargil War Memorial which is located in Dras only, the feeling of tranquility and a sense of adventure was all replaced by a calm but infinitely strong wave of patriotism in the hearts for that hill ahead, under which lies the memorial, The Tololing hill is where the toughest battle of all times is said to have taken place.

In the war when the Pakistani soldiers were comfortably sitting in bunkers at the top and eyeing even on the slightest of the movements of Indian soldiers, it was just the raw courage of those soldiers at the bottom that they were able to take down the ones at the top.


Photograph by Ishan Sharma

The battle was rough and the going was tough but the brave soldiers fought against all the odds with their blood and sweat that saw them through the day.

And to stand at the very point which has witnessed all that can only give one a deep sense of respect for those brave hearts. Actually, this whole path leading to the memorial is adorned with Tricolour Flag on both sides but as per rules, flags must be taken down with the setting sun so there are none in the photograph as it was taken post sunset.

But as we helped the soldiers with carrying the  country flag to be put in box till the sunrise, holding the Tricolour in hand and feeling the patriotism flow in the veins at the very same place where our brothers had laid their lives, it was an experience which is really hard to put in words and no matter what goes on elsewhere, it’s at places like this that everyone can feel what it is to be an Indian.