Kerala -The land Of natural elegance

Riddhi Bhatt, Content Writer, India

18 NOVEMBER 2017

The most secure bullet-proof backed windows can not power the feeling of beautiful places. Neither fresh air nor the sound of springs. We used to search for the hill stations or beaches or the places that give us a breath fresh air. And make us feel like we’re living in another realm. Kerala is the exemplar of those divine experiences, we are so fond of delving into. Kerala has nature’s supreme attractions. Where we can see the tallest hills and endless seas. And the surprising serenity that Kerala owes to its’ backwaters. Yes, It is all about Kerala- the land of nature and beauty.

Kerala – A State on the India’s South Western nook. A land that covers almost 60km of the Arabian sea’s Shoreline. An Indian state on the tropical Malabar coast.

You’ll Love the Exotic Beaches & Backwaters!

Plenty of beaches backed by the rivers called awesome backwaters of the Kerala. Having the largest shoreline of the Arabian sea, it beats the beauty of beaches all over the world. Kerala occupies series of beaches.  Kovalam beach, Varkala beach, Kannur, Marari.

For the foreigner tourists, Varkala beach will be best for ambiance and facilities. millions of tourists are flocking over here every year. Kovalam beach is the most popular among all beaches in Kerala. And the most developed, too. Kovalam is best known for the lighthouse(Most busy one place) and the Eve of the Kovalam.

If you want to take serenity sleep or want to feel the peace of the world then must visit Marari beach. Because it is where the experience of a land of peace & calm starts. Kerala is rich in Everything. Ranging from literacy to variants of beaches. Here we have the cultural beach, too.(heard before this?) Yes, Kerala is having. And it is the Kannur Beach. where the culture of the region and rituals matters the most. Visitors can see the culture in the handloom made by the regional people.

If you want to travel from Kochi to Vypeen Island, take the boat and start floating over the 10 Km longest sea journey.  Here you are arriving at the Cherai beach. Sit there, experience beauty and take breaths on the isolated beach. For the history of the Kerala, the Bekal beach is providing the best in this day and age with the longest fort in Kerala on the beach. Yes, the unspoiled, neat and historical beach is Bekal.

You may feel tired of seeing beaches everywhere. So let’s get introduced to the Backwaters by a cruise trip. Sit on the open terrace of the luxurious houseboat and make a round trip to the calm waters hiding behind the seas – Alappuzha backwaters.


Alumkadavu is the place where India’s first houseboats were created. A village near the Kollam district of the Kerala. These Backwater rides are famous for those villagers who make the houseboats with their own handcrafting arts.

Yet there are many Backwater rides to enjoy in Kerala. The  Backwater stretches of Ashtamudi, Canal Cruise in Alappuzha, Kumarakom, Kavvayi Backwater, Kumbalangi, Kadambrayar Boating and many small backwater attractions.

Let’s explore the Sky – the Lovely Hills

Munnar is one of the famous places to visit in India (not just Kerala). Situated at the confluence of the three rivers and dressed with the greenery at its peak. Munnar steals the eternal charm of nature. It takes the breath away when you realise its elevation which is located at  1600 km above the sea level. And the speciality is not the height but the unparalleled shades of green hills. Take the most divine natural spa here.  And don’t settle just grab the all captivating places near it.

Visiting Ponmudi will definitely leave you speechless. A splendid location to stay, travel and enjoy dew. If you go to Thiruvananthapuram and not visiting Ponmudi, you are missing the silver line of Kerala. It is the combination of forests, mountains, rivers, ravines, pleasant climate with supreme landscape designs.

Kerala is the state of variants as its names of the cities. Idukki is the district covering the most prospected elegant hill station – Thekkady. If you’re one of the wildlife lovers, must explore it. The surrounding flora and fauna of the Periyar wildlife sanctuary make visitors feel just WOW. It covers places like Mangala Devi Temple, Pandikuzhi, Vandiperiyar, and Ramakkalmedu. And the adventures activities like tracking the hills at Thekkady.

Vagamon – a hill station that takes you from the mountain carved ways along the way to it. It is  1200km away from the sea level and the epitome of summer days spending place. A perfect place for meditation.

And Kerala does not end here in the mountains, it has awesome Lakkidi hill station, Vythiri, Idukki magnetic greenery and more to go.

Entering the wildlife of Kerala

Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary – Katti Betta is the highest peak(1145 above sea level) of the Western Ghats of Kerala covering Aralam Wildlife sanctuary. You’ll get tired seeing the wild animals here but the sheer variety will keep you interested. You’ll be meeting your wild friends like Elephants, spotted deer, Malabar giant squirrel barking deer, Nilgiri langur, Hanuman langur, gaur, sambar,  etc . And the scenic view of the forest lands will keep on mesmerizing you. For the visitors coming from abroad, Calicut International Airport will be comfortable to arrive directly.

Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary near to Idukki is another asset to wildlife of Kerala. The Great Grizzled Squirrel of India is the glory of this sanctuary. However, sadly, it is numbering less than 200. And ensure you don’t forget to get back your conveyance. Because the divine smell of sandalwood forests (near to Sanctuary) will capture your soul.

Idukki again makes wonder when you arrive at 450m above the Periyar rivers- Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary. Wherein the beautiful lake boatings gives the reason to have a romantic moment. And the wildlife king of Kerala Elephant makes his home here.  Accompanied by sambar deer, wild dogs, forest cats, tiger and wild boar along with various sorts of snake including cobras, vipers and many non-poisonous ones.

Land of Elephants

You can say Kerala as the Land of Elephants. You can visit a bunch of places, sanctuaries here, that are specifically for Elephants only!

Elephant Junction: Cool place to have fun with the elephants. Children typically spend much time here playing with the elephants with no restrictions. Take bath, have to splash with them!

Konni Elephant Camp: Here you’ll be watching the cure of elephants. The Baby elephants that are lost from the herd or injured are being treated here. And the Elephants training are also given to them.

Anamudi Peak: It is in Munnar can call the home of all the spices of elephants. Here Asian elephants are making the largest number of them. Gaurs and Nilgiri Tahrs are the special tribes to watch.

Want to take a sip of bitter syrup? or an ancient medical therapy?

Yes, Kerala is best known for its Ayurveda Medicines. The ancient times of India were not having any allopathic drugs in medical usage. And Kerala was and is ranking first for the Ayurveda treatments all over the India. Here you will find every single treatment in an ancient manner with a resulting attitude. It has a wide array of five-pronged treatment, Panchakarma in herbs, milk, medicated oils, massage. And special diet plans to execute. As the state is in full form of natural beauty. And so the people are. There are various spas available to have the natural ayurvedic massage.


Some Must “Visits” in Kerala

Wayanad – Heaven of the Earth

If you ever wish have heavenly experience on the earth, must visit Wayanad. A Malayalam name “Wayanad” is not making understanding to us.  Surely it understands our desire. A bright green, culturally rich, the collection of heritage and naturally “Perfect to make the scenic view” is Wayanad mountains. It creates a mountainous view of the rich culture of humans.

Fort Kochi – find the gate of India from “South”

Yes, it is the very first entrance to the India if you want to enter from the southern area. Back in the time, many other countries were having their halts here while entering the great India. There is much signage of Arabs, Chinese, Dutch, British, Portuguese people here. Such an enchanting, historically rich city of the Kerala state.

Kozhikode – Let’s have Malabar Cuisine Taste

Kozhikode is the synonym for the Calicut and is one of the most commercial sites of the Kerala. Famous for its culture, historical architecture, institutions, and culinary events. The architecture of the place has strong influences of the Dutch and the British culture.  Back in the time, there was a place for Britishers and Dutch to have their rest houses and business. The authentic Malabar food and the spices that make the food just delicious. The recipes like Dum Biryani, Kallummakkaya, Chatti Pathiri, and Dal Halwa are so famous.

Kasargod – Another fairy alike world

Another epitome beauty of Western Ghats (edge of valley/sea, coastal area )nearest to the Bekal beach. At this place, we can see the meeting of western ghats and the azure Arabian sea at one point. We can call this a “GOD’s Place” Starring rolling hills, plush coconut plantations, soothing sea breeze.  And the host of heritage temples makes it perfect to seize eyeballs of peace-loving travelers.

Hidden Beach (Kizhunna)

We often find beaches are the most crowded ones. Maybe you and me both wrong for this. Kizhunna is the beach where lush green palm plantations are making the sound. And not the people. You can simply take a sunbath here and can take swimming, too. It hides behind the big rocks alike hill.

After much traveling, where to eat in Kerala? Need some Delicious dinner or prestigious Karelian lunch?

Puttu and Kadala curry – Have in Breakfast

Add this to your breakfast dish. Puttu is a cylindrical steamed rice cake cooked in a mold with grated coconut. Usually served with kadala curry, a dish of black chickpeas made with shallots, spices and coconut milk.

Karimeen Pollichathu (fish)

Going for lunch and not getting any idea to eat? You’ll find a great lunch dish of Karimeen Pollichathu (fish). It is from the traditional delicious dishes of Kerala.  Actually, it is a Syrian Christian delicacy but has become part of Kerala’s rich cuisine.

Palada payasam (dessert)

Indians love sweets and the Kerala is not lagging behind here, too. A sweet rice kheer prepared with palada is a treat made in almost all Kerala households during the festival of Onam and many other exclusive occasions.

How can we forget jaw-dropping “Dosa”?(India’s most favorite, mine, too;)

The most common of the south and almost normal but favorite of India is “South Indian Dosa” The Kerala Dosa is slightly different from dosas found in other Southern Indian regions; it is smaller, thicker, softer and spongier. The delicious sambhar just nails the taste of all other dishes you eat.


Appams are bowl-shaped thin pancakes alike food. It is made from rice flour, fermented one. Appams are fairly bland to taste and are usually eaten as an accompaniment with a spicy curry or a dry dish.

Kerala Fish Curry – You should not miss!

The most popular dish in Kerala is Fish Curry. It is fresh fish marinated in spices and cooked in coconut and tamarind gravy. It gives the breeze that anyone would prompt to eat right away.


“And at the end, Would You Like to visit South Indian Temples? Most Amazing, Most devoting!”

Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple – Thiruvananthapuram

Sri Padmanabhaswamy is one of the most popular temples in Kerala. It is known for its worldwide architecture and ancient periods fame. It was constructed in the 8th century. Can You believe? Besides the splendid structure of the temple, the festival celebrations draws a large number of tourists from all across the world.

Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa Temple

One of the most popular temples of Kerala is Sabarimala Sree Ayyappa, located on a hilltop of the Western Ghats. The temple location is rich and rocky that enthralls the visitors. Also, the temple is crowded in every season of the India.

Chottanikkara Devi Temple, Ernakulam

Chottanikkara Devi is a popular temple dedicated to Goddess Bhagwati. It is about 4 to 5 ft. tall and is famous for its curing powers. The people of Kerala are literate in education but definitely the great believers of the superstitious things.

Ettumanoor-Vaikom-Kaduthuruthy Temple

Ettumanoor-Vaikom-Kaduthuruthy temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva is also known as Vaikom Mahadeva Temple. Here the devotees come to visit taking the beliefs that all of their wishes come true because of Lord Shiva’s Ettumanoor-Vaikom-Kaduthuruthy temple and their inner voice will become pure due to visit.

Visit feel the most blossomed form of the Nature!