Kheerganga Trek, 2017

Ishan Sharma, Travel Writer, India

27 NOVEMBER 2017

To waking up to this! ?

Ever since childhood, watching all that Man Vs Wild, movies like Into The Wild, there was a wish to go into the wilderness and do things on our own.

In order to fulfill that wish, we carried our own tent, own food and trekked like porters all the way to the holy place, Kheerganga where Lord Shiva is supposed to have meditated for 3000 years.

Upon reaching the top, we took a dip in the hot water spring, just what was needed for relaxing the spraining shoulders. And then, it was time to do for what we had gone to do.

As we pitched the tent, collected woods for an hour to make fire in order to boil water for making coffee, I realized the struggle of the Sherpas who tirelessly work in such locations.

Never I could have thought that a sugarless coffee, crumbled bread pieces with some butter would seem so rich in taste. It’s these experiences when you realise “Travel teaches you what books can not” is not merely for caption on the photos.

Photograph by Ishan Sharma

“Travel teaches you what books can not”

As the twilight approached, we readied the tent, collected some more woods for bonfire, played music and let the feeling of stars being the ceiling sink in.

And just before sleeping we fed the leftover bread to the humble dogs. And for the entire night, one dog literally became the watchman, continuously circling around the tent and making sure of our safety.


As the sun rose above the horizon the next day, we woke up to this! ❤