Deepanshi Ahuja, Travel Writer, India

22 DECEMBER 2017

LANSDOWNE is a small town in Pauri Garhwal, A small state of Uttarakhand.

PARADISE as the name says it all. Going there is itself a self relaxation activity. It is the nearest hill station from Delhi and one can go there either by train or car. The nearest Airport is Jolly Grant Airport near Dehradun. The nearest railway station from Lansdown is Dehradun railway station and it is 81 km away from Lansdowne. But the most comfortable way to go Lansdowne is by car or a cab.

Lansdowne is the training centers for Garhwal Rifles of indian army. The War Memorial at the Parade ground of Garhwal Rifles center is the main attraction for the tourists. You really can’t get over the place and the hangover would take you there at very next vacation. It is surrounded by the thick oak and the blue pine forests.

The place attracts you like the narcotics grasps you over and over. The very first day go over the training centers of Garhwal Rifles, and that feeling of patriotism will left you with the goose bumps. The sincerity, hard work and passion of the new comers will melt your heart too. You would be mesmerized by their strengths and hard work.

Then there are some must visit places you can’t resist off. The tip n top view point or Kaleshwar Mahadev Temple is the most visited places among the hindu visitors and is flocked by thousands of devotees in the month of sawan (Indian monsoon).



Photograph by Discover India

Uttarakhand itself is a paradise and “Lansdowne” there is like sugar to coffee.

The very second day have a visit to Santoshi Mata Temple and Regimental Museum (also called Darwan singh sangrahalaya), houses art, photographs and arm used by the regimental commanders and captured weapons, campaign history and other useful information is placed in the Museum. There are many items like medals won by erstwhile garhwal rifles soldiers along with the Victoria Cross awarded to Darwan Singh Negi and Gabbar Singh Negi.

There are some places to be visited at late evening like Bhulla Tal Lake, St. Mary’s Church and Lover’s Lane. These are the places where you will be getting actual peace of mind. Sitting here for hours, talk to yourself, talk to your own mind, if you really want to do these activities, you should must visit here if you visit Uttarakhand.

The excursions from the city are Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple, Bhairav Garhi Temple, Bhim Pakora. These are the most popular places among the senior citizens.

Lansdowne is known for the most haunted places in India and the place is still a mystery because of kitchener lines there. The old  cementery in kitchener lines is said to be haunted because many war Veterans have been laid to rest in the old cementery and the graves are as old as 150 years.

The thing that attracts tourist the most is the snowfall during the months of December and January. Campfire is the one of the most beautiful and most loved activity among the groups of teenagers and the people from 20-30 years of age. Whenever a group of people goes to campfire at night, their favorite dinner is Maggie.

Have a look at the Atmosphere and feel it. It will completely make you relieved from the stressed life one live in cities. Travelling is itself a recreational activity.