Uncover the Hidden Treasures of Bhutan

Konark Bansal, Travel Writer, India

15 January 2018

Do you want to visit the unexplored places around the world which have been seen or heard about by very few people? Visiting to such places would help you have an amazing time with different people. One among many such places around the world is the mysterious Kingdom of Bhutan.


This majestic land receives a limited number of tourists. It is because the country doesn’t have any outlets like that of McDonalds! So, if want a place where you want to enjoy junk food, Bhutan is not for you. But more you learn about this country, the more you will admire it. It is also known for its fluttering traditional prayer flags that look beautiful. To experience the richness of this mighty land, Plan along holiday via India or Nepal.

To visit Bhutan, you need to organize or get into a group. A private tour or group tour to Bhutan is highly recommended, as the country doesn’t allow entrance if someone is not booked with any authorized Tour Company.

Bhutan is popular throughout the world for its rich culture, spirituality & wellness. Its geographical features offer ample scope for trekking and adventurous activity. It observes fascinating festivals that resembles its uniqueness. The untouched nature of Bhutan will provide you breathe fresh air and offers opportunity for sightseeing and photography.

How to Reach

You can easily reach Bhutan via Delhi or Kathmandu. There are flights from Delhi and Kathmandu to make traveling convenient to you. For that you have to stay overnight in Delhi. Staying in Delhi will not be a problem as it houses many comfortable and well-equipped hotels within the budget.

This will able you to get the majestic aerial views over the Himalayas while flying from Delhi to Paro, the only international airport of Bhutan. Being on the flight you will be able to see the most scenic view that you could ever have. Therefore, a window seat onboard will be an added advantage. As your flight will glide over the Himalayas, all the way passing through captivating valley, lush green mountains and beautiful villages, you will be able to see the Mt. Everest, before landing to Paro.


From Paro you can take a drive to admire the scenic beauty of Thimphu, which is the capital of Bhutan. The city is clean and beautiful. It has several shops and there are many sources of entertainment during the evenings as well. You can go to the nightclubs and pubs, where you can meet the locals.

Your local guide will help you explain about the significance of each building and its influence upon the Bhutanese people. The guide will also translate what the monks say that will give you the feel of being engaged into the rituals other than observing them to perform various traditional activities. Most of the buildings are close to a monastery or shrine, therefore it is recommended to dress properly (cover as much as possible) and to take off your shoes before entering each of them.

Visit the largest and most impressive Dzongs, the Punakha Dzong, located on the confluence of two rivers in a majestic valley.

Your sightseeing in Bhutan will include visiting the ‘Dzongs’, which are basically the royal or government buildings. These buildings with amazing structures, impressive ceilings and white walls will draw your attention.

Punakha Dzong

You can stop at the top of the Do Chula pass on the way, which is the most incredible viewpoint that offers the picturesque view of the whole of Bhutan. Below the wide blue sky, breathe in pollution free fresh air.

Paro and Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Enjoy a traditional meal in one of the finest local restaurant in the town that serves relishing food.

Spend your day well in Paro before returning back. Visit the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, which is the most famous and impressive sight in Bhutan located on a cliff, 900 m above the valley. Adventure enthusiasts can also enjoy 2 hours trekking to reach there. Though it is a scenic hike but it is not so easy. Do remember to carry extra bottles of water when you are all set for trekking.

To return back you need to board a flight from Paro.

After making a halt in Punakha at night, you can return back to Paro and ask your guide to take you to the local markets from where you can purchase some traditional souvenirs.