Food Prowl: Delhi – Volume III

Konark Bansal, Travel Writer, India

20 JANUARY 2018

This is the volume 3 of food prowl series, in this series I will describe some amazing Delhi street food in which some are to common or some are not Indian by origin but maintained their place from last decades. Check out the list of places below:

Chole Kulche

This easily available famous street food in Delhi is a favorite among Delhiites. This is most popular lunch office timers. A sponged bread with Chole with a mixture of spicy ingredient makes them more delicious. It can be found easily everywhere, but if you want to know the best places, those are Near Tiptop market in Karol Bagh, and UPSC Bhawan, Lotan at Chawri Bazaar, Yadav’s Chole Kulche at Saket are best. For hygiene lovers Om Sweets and Haldiram’s suitable.

Tip: Just ask the bhaiya to add extra onions to your chole to make it crispier

Nan Khatai

The buttery food of Delhi — nan khatai — is a must try for cookie lovers. You will definitely pledge your love to this famous food in Delhi the moment you take your first bit of it and it would melt in your mouth and leave a lingering taste behind.

Where to try: Local vendors with the best of abilities to create this sweet goodness

For hygiene lovers: Frontier; and local bakeries.

Tip: Don’t let your nan khatai get cold; binge on it while it’s still hot. Add a cup of warm milk and you have your perfect snack.

Gupta Burger

You would have never imagined that a little Delhi tadka can transform normal burgers into something totally new. The aloo tikki seasoned with Indian spices and engulfed in deep fried buns is simply addictive.

Where to try: The local burger carts are present in Delhi at every corner.

For hygiene lovers: You just have the option of McDonald’s then, my friend.

Tip: Instead of conventional finger fries, try this with Indian style aloo chips

Bhel Puri

Although a Mumbai specialty, bhel puri in Delhi is in a totally different league. Not as dry as its Mumbai counterpart, it is adorned with flavors patent to Delhi. The right mixture of salty, tangy and sweet; this famous street food in Delhi should be tried by everyone at least once.

Where to try: Connaught Place and Bhajan Lal’s Bhelpuri at Sunder Nagar.

For hygiene lovers: Bombay Bhelpuri at South-Ex I.

Tip: Eat your bhel puri with tortilla chips to make your own taste

Besan ka Chilla

This light street food of Delhi is quite a healthy snack to munch upon. A thin layer of gram flour (besan) stuffed with chopped vegetables is to die for. It does serve as an appetizer for many foodies.

Where to try: Sitaram Bazar in Chandni Chowk

For hygiene lovers: Haldiram’s.

Tip: Add shredded cottage cheese (paneer) to the side for a wholesome meal

Chana Zor Garam

This seasoned chaat does have its health benefits. High on protein, it is a good appetizer for your palate. And of course, a delicious munchy to nibble on!

Where to try: You will find vendors selling this mouth-watering chaat on every nook and corner of Delhi

For hygiene lovers: Well, you can try and make this chaat at your home for extra hygiene.

Tip: Wrap this chaat in a chapatti and you can get your personalized Delhi cuisine roll ready

Red Sause Veg Pasta with Garlic Bread

Perfectly-cooked fusilli and richly flavored tomato sauce come across as a heavenly match.

An assortment of ingredients ranging from onions and garlic to peppercorns, herbs and bay leaves offer their unique flavors to this intense tomato-based sauce, making the Pasta in Red Sauce an experience that will remain in your memory forever.

You can find this amazing mouthwatering dish in Saket, Barcelo’s.

Tip: – You can also discard the peppercorns along with the bay leaves.

Cheesy Nachos

Tu cheese badi hai mast mast…!! Yeah these lines really suits this overloaded plate. But frankly speaking the plate of cheesy nachos had cheesier than the first line. If you are looking to enjoy some cheesy thing, this is the best for you.

You can find these cheesy nachos in Centre of Delhi, Connaught place by Piali. For hygiene lovers please ignore.

Tip: enjoy this with some beverages like soft drink or a beer you will definitely enjoy it.


What’s better way to start a new day with something sweet, crispy, chocolatey and nutty sweet. I mean wow that’s amazing way. Waffles loaded with nice vanilla ice cream with lots of lots of Nutella will amaze your new day. You can find this in any restaurant in c.p.

Tip: add some nuts on it to make crunchier.

Tangri Kebab

Tangdi Kebab is a very popular North Indian starter recipe, where only the drumstick chicken or chicken leg pieces is marinated in a yoghurt-spice marinade and grilled to juicy, flavor infused chicken kebabs. “Tangdi” simply means chicken legs without thighs. It tastes absolutely irresistible with soft, moist & aromatic spicy flavor.

Tips:- Try this delicious Tagdi with some Rumali roti.