A Walk: Back to the past!

Uma Krishanwal, Travel Writer, India

08 February 2018

From sight of the splendid Taj Mahal to the slice of the shahi tukda , from the stories of battles to the soothing classical music, India truly has a grandiose heritage. In the medieval and early history, from Rajput to the Mughal empire to the colonial era, the country shares a history and heritage. History that connects people with similar backgrounds and provides a sense of unity and belonging. It also links people with traditions which otherwise might be lost.

The water of time must not erode the soil of heritage, tangible or intangible, ever! Efforts to bar such erosion are being taken up as profession lately, a creative one if one might consider. “Heritage Walk”, as what it is labelled, is becoming a new fad. A walk through that acquaints people with the heritage they belong. There are not only excursions to the architectural structures but the experience is rich in exploring art and cuisines as well, an attraction to history, culture, art and food enthusiasts altogether.

In year 2015, on world tourism day, a massive pioneer project was taken up by the government. DMRC in association with ‘Delhi Walks’- an organization working in the tourism sector made an attempt to bring old Delhi’s rich culture, history and heritage to the residents of the national capital region by organizing a walk to explore the walled city that came up during the Mughal era.

“Evolution of old Delhi- from the Red Fort to the Jama Masjid” was one recent heritage walk organized by the venture.” The aim of this walk is to put you into a local’s shoes and travel through the Mughal era to feel and experience the tangible and intangible heritage of the time and enrich you with Mughal life and times”, it claimed.

“These walks have made history more interesting than ever, we know more as we walk”, says Tahir who have attended various events organized by the venture.

In 2010, under Delhi tourism, an official Hop On Hop Off Sightseeing Bus service was commenced with a similar purpose. “Visited many monuments from dawn to dusk, a host briefed a little about the history, appreciable trip! “, shares a student at DU.

Apart from government, private entities too have stepped in the field. An online platform, “Gointhecity” is a developing venture which orchestrates events in forms of walks, activities and workshops,

Virtual platforms like Facebook forms another domain where organizers of various heritage walks interact with enthusiasts. Writer, film maker and history buff Sohail Hashmi, organiser of the “Delhi heritage walks with Sohail Hashmi” schedules such walks which he believes help preserving our cultural heritage

Leisure walk had never been more knowledge inducing indeed!