Dream Honeymoon: ‘Maldives’

Deepanshi Ahuja, Travel Writer, India

13 February 2018

Honeymooners should have a look over here.

Yes! This is the best destination where you will find the appropriate spots for your honeymoon according to your likes and dislikes and to fulfill the dream of your loved ones.

Maldives is the perfect place you can’t ignore at all.

Maldives is an island country in South Asia which is located in the Indian Ocean and wholly situated in the Arabian Sea. It is the most loved and visited destination among honeymooners because of its beaches, extensive reefs, blue lagoons and the beautiful water bunglows. It is the place where sand is as white as the smile of its locals, the place whose weather is just a dream and the deep rays of sun will attract you like magnet.

Are not you excited? Let’s keep this excitement up to find the best places in Maldives.

Getting married is the most important part of our Indian culture or in anyone’s life. It is the most memorable and precious moment for Groom and bride and for their families too and obviously the couples are excited for their dream honeymoon after long ceremonies and hectic routine during their preparation for wedding and Maldives is like sugar to coffee as it is a chance to be together in a way that never ever happens at home. The beautiful Villas and Resorts welcomes the love birds and they are basically the private love nests designed only for the honeymoon couples. Some resorts have the special pamper package for the honeymooners like the special massage therapy in the spa of resort specially for honeymooning couples. Each of the resorts has its own islands and it does not permit any strangers.

Maldives is known as the perfect picture island as it fulfills all the comforts and facilities for honeymooning couples. Crystal clear lagoons, vibrant coral reefs and white-sand beaches come as standard, while candlelit dinners under starry skies, exclusive upgrades and bespoke experiences-for-two make for an extra special start to married life. The splendour of the accommodation lives up to all you expect on a honeymoon. Elegant overwater villas on columns above the lagoon are especially popular with honeymooners because of their romantic location away from it all. Many come with open-to-the-stars bathrooms, private plunge pools and steps directly down into the lagoon. From the balcony, views stretch to the far horizon as the moon bathes you and your partner in its seductive glow.

Everything is very easy in Maldives even if it is Snorkelling, diving or anything else.

So let’s count on the things we can do in Maldives:


Snorkelling is a good and inexpensive introduction to the glorious colours to be seen underwater. It will offer you many opportunities to enjoy incredible reefs which are the best in the World.

Snorkeling in Maldives is truly a magnificent experience due to the beauty of the reefs on offer and also a wide array of marine species including the bigger pelagics. Enjoy the snorkeling in blue lagoons, over incredible reefs and in a tropical heat that will keep you warm throughout the day. Due to its shallow sand bank islands the Maldives underwater experience is being affected by the rising sea levels worldwide and so any opportunity to see the Maldives now is a must. The snorkeling here is incredible and not to be missed.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is also one of the most famous activities to be done when in Maldives. It begins with a Refresher Dive, recommended for divers who have not dived for over a year.

The primary purpose is to help certified divers not only to regain their confidence but also to update their dive knowledge and skills, especially after a long period of diving inactivity. Escorted diving to reefs or wrecks is the main activity either by boat from a resort or from a Live Aboard safari vessel. Live Aboards are popular with groups of divers who seek a new diving destination and lots of dives every day. Any time of the year is good time to dive in Maldives.

Island itself is blessed with rich culture that is why it is the most visited Island among any other. Other than the romantic side you can also look for heritage sites and Museums, if you are a history lover.

Other than Sunbathing and Snorkelling, one thing with which you will be in love with is the local cuisine of Maldives. You can also enjoy a number of sports in Maldives like Parasailing, surfing, water skiing, diving, fishing, fly boarding etc…

After these all, there will be a question in your head that where to stay in Maldives?

We have the answer to this question

In Maldives you can stay in Resorts, like the best resort to stay in is “Amari Havodda Maldives”.

You can look for Hotels, the best one is “Hulhule island hotel”

Then you can also opt for Guest houses like “Canopus Retreats Thulusdhoo”

And last but not the least you can stay in Liveaboards ‘my favorites’ and the best one is “Scubaspa”

Maldives is also the dream-come-true holiday destination for mature couples… as well as for young newlyweds.

Unrivalled luxury, stunning white-sand beaches and an amazing underwater world make the Maldives an obvious choice for a true holiday of a lifetime.