Are You A First Time Traveler?

Deepanshi Ahuja, Travel Writer, India

15 February 2018

Traveling to abroad for the first time is a lifetime experience because you are not going to forget your first trip in any case and any bad memories of it will be very exhausting and humiliating for your’s life. Better get prepare for it to make it the best one and the most adventurous. You have to keep a few things in mind before we discuss the places you should visit if you are a first time traveler. You firstly need to organize your passports and travel VISA properly. This is the most essential part of your trip. Make sure you have a comprehensive travel insurance although it is quiet expensive but it can be even more costly of you don’t have it. Ensure it covers you for all the places you are planning to visit. All the things should clearly be written on the agreement so that you know that what things can you do and what cant.

Make sure you have enough currency of the country you are visiting so that you would not run out of money during your trip because it will ruin it entirely or the safest way is to carry multiple cards with you like a boss. Try to learn the local language of the country a little bit that will help you a long way.

Words like please, excuse-me, washroom, sorry, thank you will help a lot or download a translation app in your phone it will help in long way. Before traveling, just make a google search to know about the weather and climate of that place so that you can pack accordingly. Pack less but pack smarter. Have a little bit destination knowledge before actually getting ready for traveling. Google more about the place about its culture and all do that you get the birds view to cope up with the surroundings. You also take a Travel SIM card if you want to stay connected with your loved one’s. Firstly, you have to research your destination and make sure from your doctor that you have the right medicines with you to avoid any medical issues during your trip. If you take prescription medicines, you have to carry them in your hand luggage so that you can reach them easily. If you are travelling for a while, make sure you have all your chargers, headphones, battery packs, cameras, etc because technology is the most essential part of one’s travelling life. The most important are the Airport Procedures because there are certain rules which you have to follow in any case, if not you will be in a big trouble. As a general rule, you have to arrive at the airport three hours prior to you flights time and accordingly follow all the instructions given by the department.

So, I think now you are ready to fly…But have you decided where?

Here we will discuss some destinations where the first time bag-packers should go.


Cusco is the most tourist’s-friendly destination of America. It is one of the cities in Peru. Cusco is famous for its beaches.

You can explore the city in good number of days. This is the best place to explore, eat, drink and just roam around the city. There is a wide variety of hotels and resorts over there. This city is actually a fusion of architectural styles. You will find the wide array of artisans in the town. You will also find lovable cuisines in the city which you won’t be able to resist.


Spain is the nicest place to visit for first time travelers. Even if you ask for Sydney, Melbourne, New york, Barcelona or Los Angeles, All are just the best places to visit.

But Madrid is my personal favorite. Madrid is every traveler’s favorite destination of all times. It is the third largest city of Europe. In the morning, start your day with coffee and pastries and in the evening hop in any of the cafes with group of friends. Besides that, Madrid is filled with cultural and heritage like Museums you should visit. Every first time international traveler’s dream is to get everything in low rates, and hotels of Madrid will fulfill your dream because it offers good hotels at very less price.


Almost every traveler has Paris in his list as a must place to visit. Paris is the World’s most visited city in the decade.

Paris is famous for its culture, fashion, food, architecture and heritage. Paris is an excellent choice for the first time travelers because there is no chance of getting bored over there. The city will offer you with limitless shopping, drinking, food and party. Paris is expensive but there are still chances to get some good hostels in less price.


Spain is one of the best places to be visited for first time travelers as we have already discuss. Barcelona is the best place in Europe.

Telluride ski resort is set deep in the San Juan Range of the Rocky Mountains in south-west Colorado. A relative newcomer to winter-sports tourism, Telluride was originally one of the world’s richest gold-rush towns, now, since opening its ski area in 1972, a rich source of skiers’ white gold – snow! Telluride is an old gold- and silver-mining town, filled with history and with many attractive Victorian-era buildings; it’s relatively up market yet unpretentious, a lovely place to stroll around and just the right size to have enough shops, cafés, bars and restaurants to lend it a friendly laid-back ambiance, without feeling too sprawling or lacking in soul.

The town is nestled in a deep box canyon, quite remote from any other major towns or cities; this means that it’s truly a destination resort rather than a weekend-focused recreation resort, so visitors generally commit to a longer stay to warrant the journey here, which has the positive effect of keeping guest numbers at more manageable levels, resulting in un-crowded ski slopes and negligible queues for lifts.


Just don’t tell your doctor that it’s on your bucket list, as while yes, St Anton is great for skiing, it’s in our top ten for the absolutely crazy party that happens every night.

But that’s only part of Copenhagen’s appeal. The city’s cuisine is the stuff of legend. While world-renowned Noma is soon to close (it’ll reopen in a new, undisclosed location), you can start your day with a “morgenmad” — a series of tiny, delicious plates — and follow it up with “smorrebrod” (open-faced sandwiches) for lunch.

Burning off those calories by strolling the eminently walkable streets is a first-time traveler’s delight as well. Nyvahn is the oft-photographed canal lined with brightly colored houses and sidewalk cafes, while Vesterbro is packed with all things hip. The metro gets travelers to the airport in 15 minutes, and an extensive network of train lines make getting around in even the coldest weather easy.

So these are the destinations that should be in your bucket list if you are a first time traveler. What are you waiting for now? Go ahead… Look forward for your first trip.