The Essence of foreign lands in India

Konark Bansal, Travel Writer, India

15 February 2018

Often people would want to visit places that are abroad just because they are “famed” but how about exploring some of the places in your own land? India- a country with diverse culture and tradition. Traverse through the land of India and you will know what “beauty” means. A justice to its title- Incredible India. After reading this article, you definitely will have a lot of places on your mind as to where to travel in India. So, read on..


A small Indian territory in the south, Pondicherry has the essence of France with the influence of French colonies and nationals that stayed back even post-independence.

You can discover the French style architecture, furniture, pottery, crockery and upholstery at almost every place in Pondicherry also known as Puducherry. Amazing beaches and ample sunshine make it a lovely destination to visit. Also, the churches in town are built in French style. So there exists a mini France in India where you can experience the culture of France.


The rolling hills around Shillong along with the rivers, meadows and lush extensive grasslands make it resemble like Scotland and since it is located in the east it is known as the Scotland of the east. Shillong with various places of tourist attraction such as the elephant falls, seven sisters’ fall, Mawsmai caves, Double Decker living root bridge and Dawki – near the border of Bangladesh makes for an eternal experience with a feel of traveling


Kashmir Situated in the northern end of India, Kashmir is called the Switzerland of India for its beautiful snow filled scenery and cold weather. The massive cows, stunning locales, and snowy mountains put together the true feel of Switzerland.

Thar desert

Thar desert Rajasthan in India is famous for its tradition and culture. But when you visit the Thar desert you truly experience Sahara with sand extending to infinity, camels all over and heavy breeze. It is a place where you can experience Sahara in India along with the mesmerizing culture unique to India.

Chitrakoot Falls

Why travel all the way to the US when you can see Niagara in your own country? Yes, Chitrakoot falls in Chhattisgarh is as beautiful and massive as Niagara spraying chilled water to your face. A place to explore not just the waterfall but also other tourist attractions including the Kanger Valley national park. A true destination to feel like in the US.


The ultimate beach destination not only for holiday but also for various events is known for its Portuguese and middle east influence around the place.

The architecture of the churches and various buildings showcase a lot of middle east styles. A lot of tourists from around the world visit Goa and it is the perfect amalgamation of cultures and cuisines. A place for everything – food, drinks, events, night life, beach games and more, it is your best bet to experience great beaches within India.