Eastern Europe

Deepanshi Ahuja, Travel Writer, India

22 February 2018

This beautiful Country is located in Central Europe. This is a small country in terms of area but still it is worth travelling there because of its ornate castles, native beers and long history. This beautiful Country is known as the country of “Fairy Tales”. With an array of picturesque historic cities, world-class architecture, romantic castles and charming natural wonders, this Central European country should definitely be on every travel list.

Czech Republic is the country which welcomes Families, Honeymooning couples or a big gang of friends. It offers multiple things to do for each one of them. The country offers with spectacular city PRAGUE, magnificent Sightseeing, exploring through bike rides. Czech Republic has everything!!! To conclude I would say, the Czech Republic won’t disappoint travelers looking for a taste of Central Europe.

Let’s look up to the places which should not be missed during your Trip to Czech Republic.

1. Prague

“City of Thousand Spires” This is the nick name given to Prague and the reason being if you glance over its old skyline, you will be rewarded with thousand of beautiful churches, old towers and splendid architecture.

  • Prague Castle- It is the most popular attraction in Prague among visitors. Within its walls lies a varied and fascinating collection of historic buildings, museums and galleries that are home to some of the Czech Republic’s greatest artistic and cultural treasures. At night the lights from Prague Castle glow in a range of hues. Basing yourself in the vicinity is a good idea so you can experience the city highlights by day and night.
  • Charles Bridge- This is the City’s most spectacular river crossing. The bridge is famous for its many fine old statues. Other highlights include spectacular views over the River Vltava and the structure’s superb Gothic gates. The bridge is extremely popular among tourists for its fine views, some of the best of which can be enjoyed at dawn and again at dusk.
  • Exotic Churches- The beautiful churches over there are the most important attraction everyone must visit. In the old city of Brno, is the most beautiful Cathedral of St. Paul and Peter. In addition to its splendid exterior, the exquisite Baroque interior of this 18th-century masterpiece is well worth exploring.
  • The Bohemian Paradise- One of the most popular attraction of Prague is Bohemian Paradise. This area of natural beauty is known for its rock formation. The place draws hikers across the country for its stunning sandstone hills, natural bridges, and tall basalt columns and outcroppings, all accessible by a first-rate network of trails and scenic drives. It’s a region that also boasts many fine old castles, including Kost Castle and Trosky Castle. Start your adventure in the town of Turnov, home to the Bohemian Paradise Visitor Center, where you can access a great deal of tourist-related information and maps of the region.

2. Cesky Krumlov

Seeking for fairy tale city? Head towards Cesky Krumlov. Cesky Krumlov is one of the veritable jewels of South Bohemia. Its Old Town bears a well-deserved UNESCO tag for its maze of medieval streets, 13th century relics and layers of architectural history – much of which has remained un-spoilt by conflict and war.

However, the undisputed piece de resistance here has to be the soaring bulwarks, bridges and keeps of Cesky Krumlov castle, where Rococo parks and painted towers, the enthralling Church of St Vitus and even a moat laden with black forest bears all draw huge crowd of visitors right throughout the year. Visitors can also take a short day trip to the nearby city of České Budějovice, home to Budweiser beer, which has been brewed here since the 13th century (Budweis is German for České Budějovice). Apart from rich beer traditions, the city is famous for an impressive main square and scenic old town

There are many things to do in Cesky Krumlov like exploring the famous castle over there, you can walk down the old town center. It is also famous for international music festival which runs for about five weeks starting in mid July. It is also one of the few festivals in the world that encompasses a wide range of musical genres – from leading soloists and tenors like Placido Domingo to the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra to international figures such as English singer-songwriter Jim Morrison and Maynard Ferguson.

There is a superb Vltava river, it is known as the summer playground, it is famous for night rafting. Jump in a raft and follow a trained guide to explore the sights of the town under the moon, or try a water tube for a relaxed afternoon slide down the river. If you prefer something a bit more relaxing, you can take a ride on a wooden raft.

You can attend the rose festival, explore an underground mile, step inside the church of St. Vitus, or you can attend a performance at the Baroque Theatre.

What else needed?

3. Brno

Brno is the second biggest city in Czech Republic. Brno is a fascinating mix of architectures where one street can feature Gothic, baroque, art nouveau and functionalist buildings standing next to each other.

The imposing St. Peter and Paul Cathedral is a good location to begin sightseeing before proceeding to the 13th century Špilberk Castle, which dominates the skyline. The brightest architectural jewel of the town is undoubtedly the Villa Tugendhat — a UNESCO-inscribed masterpiece of modernism built by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. There’s also a gorgeous Old Town district to see; the second largest in the country, where the spiked Neo-gothic towers of the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul stand watch over cobbled squares and the eerie tunnels of the Brno Ossuary lurk underground. Spilberk Castle crowns a bluff in the midst of the town too, while Brno Reservoir is a hubbub of recreational activity during the summer, offering boating, swimming and al fresco drinking opportunities aplenty. You can enjoy the beautiful churches and architecture over there, besides that you can head towards dams and the famous parks there…