Kerala- Is this really “God’s own country”?

Uma Krishanwal, Travel Writer, India

26 February 2018

Kerala- known for its exhilarate, enchant and enthrall. A state that is as vivacious as it is known of, a place where one could search for a taste of heaven and a place that is usually known as “God’s own country”! Want to know why? Read on…

Kochi International Airport

The gateway to Kerala, ‘Cochin International Airport’ is the first airport in the world to be run on solar panels. Interesting, no? The true essence of Kerala begins once you step out of the airport with plethora of Ambassadors, auto rickshaws or even a wandering cow, sometimes. Traffic on the roads is just as eclectic!

The backwaters of Kerala

Made up with intertwined lakes, ponds waterways and a good number of small rivers are one of the ultimate eye-catching attractions; an important feature of the “God’s own country”. The lavish houseboats offer some breath-taking pictures of the sunset, dense paddy fields, moon light, soft flowing of water and truly a lifetime experience!

Embrace Ayurveda

Kerala- the land of Ayurveda. Kerala has the best resorts for your Ayurveda retreat.  Centuries of traditional Indian therapeutic wisdom and practices, perfected to soothe the human body, mind and soul- one can experience them at these amazing resorts that Kerala has to offer! Feel your senses come alive with the traditional Ayurveda and an invigorating ‘Panachkarma session’.

Watch a Kathakali show

Kathakali- the traditional dance form of Kerala has today become of the most prominent icons of Kerala. The dance form involves elaborate make up, bright costumes; intricate hand, body, facial and even eye movement. Since Kathakali is an indigenous dance form, for the lovers of classical dance and theatre, it is ideal to watch a Kathakali performance in Kerala!

Meet Periyar’s tigers

Some of India’s fabled tigers can still be found in Periyar National Park. Situated within confines of the national park, Periyar is something not to be missed upon. Head out for a wild day with the beasts, keeping them company are elephants, lions, Indian bison and myriad species of snakes, deer and monkeys.


Whether “God’s own land” or not, Kerala is a taste of heaven on this earth, a place where you can be as healthy and happy as you wish to!!