AIRPORTS- Types of Travelers we all see

Uma Krishanwal, Travel Writer, India

28 February 2018

Airports- one of the best places to actually notice people without even “knowing” them. In a country like India, where everyone is either a “drama queen” or a “handsome hunk”, there is a lot more to notice rather than sipping your own coffee and reading your own book. Believe us, it’s a lot more fun!! If you are a regular visitor of the airports, you know what we are exactly talking about. Thoughts and people will definitely flash through your mind while reading it, so read on…

The Selfie Queen

Selfie with the boarding pass, selfie with the window, selfie with the bottle and what not? Name anything and this one has done it all. The entire universe knows where this one is heading to because “of course”- who clicks so many pictures and not upload them all?

The “Foodie” Traveler

Amidst all the commotion of security and baggage screening, you shall always find this one hogging either a pizza or a sandwich or even both. This one will eat and eat and eat all the time, looking at him makes you hungry as well.

The ‘First Time’ Traveler

As you witness the person, you just see three words- “Lost! Confused! Unsure!” Though it is agreeable, travelling by air for the first time is not easy at all. This person is always confused about most of the things- what baggage to screen where, where to put your laptop bag etc. Very often you will find this traveler cross checking things with other people. Kindly, help them!

The “Over-dressed” Traveler

Not a usual thing but if you notice carefully, there is always that one person who is “overdressed” to travel. We understand it could be a meeting or a function but not always!

The “Reader” Traveler

This one is always sitting right in the corner, sipping their coffee and reading a book. Not bothered about anyone else! We love this type. Don’t we?

The “Phone Call” Traveler

This one is always on the phone- at every nook and corner. Will talk extremely loud and literally holds the line.


We all can relate to at least one of them. NO? If you know more types, do let us know!!