Royal Caribbean

About Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean International is known for driving innovation at sea and has continuously redefined cruise vacationing since its launch in 1969. Each successive class of ships is an architectural marvel and pushes the envelope of what is possible on a cruise ship. Onboard, the global cruise line has debuted countless industry “firsts” – such as rock climbing, ice skating and surfing at sea – to capture the imagination of families and adventurous vacationers alike. Throughout, guests sail on exciting itineraries to some of the world’s most popular destinations and enjoy Royal Caribbean’s friendly and engaging service.

Royal Caribbean International offers amazing cruises to some of the most sought-after destinations in the world. Explore the South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, experience Europe or Asia, bask in the sun on a Caribbean cruise and much more. Start planning your cruise holiday now.


We have a responsibility to the guests who sail with us, the people who work for us, and the communities we visit, but most critically we have a responsibility to the oceans, which are at the very essence of our business.

For nearly 40 years, our company has carried out its strong commitment to environmental stewardship by following strict company policies, practices, regulations and special initiatives that we call Above and Beyond Compliance. The initiatives help us achieve the highest possible standards of environmental and community stewardship.

Four key principle

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle – Reduce the generation of waste material, reuse and recycle wherever possible, and properly dispose of remaining wastes.
  • Practice pollution prevention – It is strictly forbidden to throw anything overboard.
  • Go Above and Beyond Compliance (ABC) – Do more than the regulations require.
  • Continuous Improvement – Change is the only constant. Innovation is encouraged and rewarded.