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Middle & High School

Museums | Leadership | Heritage & Culture | Factory Visits

Immensely diverse in culture, traditions, food, and places as you go on a memorable ride. From the iconic monuments to the unique flora and fauna, have the time of your life as you visit these attractive tourist destinations.


Start-ups | Iconic Companies | Transformation | Emerging Tech

Here you will see the state of the art ground-breaking technologies that are transforming the way people lead their lives and get an overlook of the technologies that are in the making. An introduction to the corporate world will give you a glance into the future and help expand your horizons

Business Studies

Corporates | Social Developments | Manufacturing | Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

From visiting leading international companies to creative young startups, discover the entrepreneurial spirit within you. Immerse yourself in the regions’ exclusive cultures, taking time to explore the sites and attractions


Architects | Urban Planning | Group Projects | Traditional Architecture

Here you can experience the perfect blend of regional contemporary and modern architecture as you explore the picturesque monuments and the progressive corporate structures. A visit to modern day metropolitan gives you a comprehensive understanding of the urban planning and sustainable initiatives being undertaken

Hospitality & Tourism

Theme Parks | Luxury Hotels | Value Hotels | Culinary Experiences

From visits to luxury hotel groups to experiencing the ethnic themed restaurants, get a comprehensive understanding of the differences and similarities across the whole spectrum of hospitality and hotel groups. Meanwhile also explore the local attractions and take a dive in the unique cultural environment


Manufacturing Plants | Iconic Industries | Tech Transformations | Tech Museums

Leading industrial plants and corporate houses will welcome you and share their industry expertise, imparting knowledge about the latest innovations in the respective industries. With the emergence of new and cutting edge technologies students can gain great perspectives on the opportunities available

Media & Communication

Live Shoots | Broadcasting Houses | Publications | Marketing

Take a deep dive into the ocean of possibilities that is the Media and Communications Industry. From Live Studio to radio stations, advertising/marketing agencies to large media and publication houses, everyone will help explore the various layers of the industry

Service Learning

Hands-on | Meaningful Service | Leadership | Cultural Immersion

You and your students work side by side with locals on community-driven projects in Africa, Asia or the Americas.Get inspired by the kind of progress you can see, and the kind of change you can feel

Language & Cultural Experiences

Explore | Experience | Learn A Language | Local Culture

To learn a new language the right way, first you must fall in love with where it’s from. Develop your students’ language skills through immersive cultural activities and local experiences.

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Why Choose TRIPN | EduTours


We offer 200+ carefully crafted itineraries to destinations worldwide. And if none of these seem just right, we can then customize trips to new destinations, incorporate service learning opportunities and design homestays. Our Team will get to know you and your educational travel goals, then help you choose and customize the ideal tour.


Would you rather stay steps from Hyde Park or within earshot of Heathrow? We thought so—that’s why we have the most centrally located hotels in the business. Commuting two hours a day is a waste of your precious overseas time. And comfort is essential, which is why all of our hotels are three- and four-star rated.


Eating the local cuisine is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to experience a new culture. With TRIPN, there are endless opportunities. Paella in Spain, pizza in Italy—it’s authentic food your students will eat and enjoy.


Our Tour Managers are the heart and soul of our trips. They’re carefully selected, rigorously trained, artfully matched with group leaders and wholly supported by our overseas network.


We simply include more than other tour companies. In fact, it’s not even close. Some inclusions are tour highlights like French cooking lessons or bull ranch visits. Others are personal connections like a dinner with a local family in Italy or a visit with local students in Japan. The reality is that bargain prices come from including less. We know you deserve more.


Not only do we include the key sights on our itineraries from the beginning, we also book timed entrances to museums and other attractions for our groups wherever possible. These cost us a bit more up front, but guess what? You get to jump to the front of the line! And that’s what matters – save time & see everything at your own pace


Let’s face it: Getting there is rarely half the fun. But it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. We make the hassles of transportation easier with flights as direct as possible. So you arrive in a new city feeling refreshed and ready to explore — not exhausted.


Our itineraries reflect years of experience in how to maximize your travel time. That means less time waiting and more time experiencing: Whatever trip you’re on, it will run like clockwork, but never feel rushed.


Another aspect of maximizing travel time is making use of ALL of the day, including the night! Our centrally located hotels allow our groups time to further explore after dinner, an opportunity that just isn’t available with ordinary travel companies. Evenings are a great time to see another side of a city like the locals do and we don’t want you to miss out.


Unpleasant surprises can happen on even the best-planned trips—illness, lost passports, even volcanic ash clouds. Something falling short of your expectations? We’re experts at fixing things fast.


Popular Tours

China: 9-12 Days

China: Beijing, Xi’an and Shanghai

Surrounded by cypress trees in Beijing’s 660-acre Temple of Heaven Park, you forget you’re in a city of 21 million people. 

It’s a common feeling in these cities – the tranquility of a manicured palace or the tradition of a tea ceremony make you feel worlds away from the skyscrapers and 21st-century din outside. The experience blends ancient history and modern life in one of the world’s most dynamic countries.

Italy: 8-10 Days

Italy: Venice, Florence & Rome

At one time or another, each of these cities was among the most important in the world.

Venice was a major naval power, and it still has a firm grip on the world’s romantic imagination. Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance, and that artistic tradition still thrives. In Rome, majestic sights like the Colosseum recall its long imperial reign.


You are Important to Us


Safety and Security

We maintain the highest safety standards – mandatory insurance, seasoned tour leaders and a 24×7 helpline


Tailormade Programs

Each Educational Tour is designed keeping group specific academic objectives at the core, guaranteeing holistic learning.


Hassle-free Planning

Our education travel experts extend end-to-end support and guidance to ensure a seamless experience at every step


Value for Money

An extensive network of airline, hotel and travel partners allows an exceptional Educational Tour at student-friendly rates


Our Philosophy

Our educational philosophy is quite simple really; the best way to help students gain a new perspective and build useful skills for the future is through experiential learning. As an accredited institution, we partner with educators across the world to create global education programs that blend classroom, digital and experiential learning for students. Our tours teach students to learn on a much deeper level. Because what we teach, they connect with their own lives.


Industry Partner


Unique Experiences


Frequently Asked

How are we different from other players?
Tailor-made Experiences – We custom design every part of each tour package differently for every individual traveller. So, technically, no two tour packages look alike. They are completely unique experiences. Transparency – No package cost = No overcharging. We take in to account your overall budget and interests, then decide where you can splurge and which activity wouldn’t be the best for you. Quality Supply – We believe in quality over quantity. Our suppliers are thoroughly vetted and have to pass through multiple quality control checks. Mobile Concierge – We provide 24×7 real time chat support – we will be there for you throughout your vacation. Want to upgrade your room, plan a surprise or change plans? Ping us and we will help you out!
What is your price match guarantee and how does it apply?
We work with many suppliers from all over the world to get you the best possible pricing. In case you get a cheaper quote for the same set of inclusions, we will match the quote you find.
How are the tailor-made trips offered by the bigger travel agents different from your Tailor-Made Experiences?
We translate your dreams into reality with unique experiences. Every destination is a great destination and has something special to offer – so Be it a villa in the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland Or gather a few friends and take a camping trip to the mountains of Ladakh  – We can make that happen. We have spent immense amount of time and resources into finding the best suppliers and finding the right network of people who can make anything happen! The bigger travel agents don’t do that, as they compete on price.
What are the documents I need to submit to initiate booking?
Keep your passport copies handy. Kindly ensure that you type in the names only as per passport. In case you don’t have a last name on your passport, kindly give us a call.

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